The Best Cars For Camping

The Best Cars For Camping

Car camping can be an enjoyable way to reconnect with nature while giving your family the chance to sleep under the stars.

These SUVs and trucks combine outdoor functionality with easy driving capabilities to provide optimal outdoor experiences, from traversing rugged terrains to transporting tents.

Jeep Wrangler

Those searching for an SUV that can handle rough roads and trails will appreciate the Jeep Wrangler. Available as either two-door or four-door models, two-door versions can seat four people comfortably while four-door models may feel cramped to adults in their second row seats.

Hardtops provide additional insulation during winter drives while blocking summer sunlight and making your ride quieter.

Jeep Wrangler models feature several useful safety features, including blind-spot warning and adaptive cruise control – the latter adjusts your speed on highways to maintain a safe distance between yourself and drivers up ahead. However, their narrow bodies limit cargo capacity so a roof rack is necessary when transporting outdoor equipment like kayaks.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an outstanding and comfortable full-size SUV, designed to take on both highway and off-road journeys with ease. From its stunning exterior design to its spacious cabin experience, every road trip becomes more pleasurable for everyone involved. Plus, available technology provides intuitive experiences designed to reduce stress for passengers as well as the driver.

Active lane management keeps you in your lane while adaptive cruise control maintains an appropriate distance between yourself and the car ahead. Plus, McIntosh audio systems guarantee your journey is filled with rich, pristine sounds!

Grand Cherokee models provide exceptional all-terrain capability with four-wheel drive and rock-crawling features for added confidence on any terrain. In addition, its Quadra-Lift air suspension( Disclosure1) automatically lowers at highway speeds for improved aerodynamics before lifting again for off-road use.

Honda Element

Honda designed the Element to appeal to young, active buyers who enjoy both dogs and the outdoors. Its squared-off exterior boasts a roofline reminiscent of surfboards while the interior offers ample storage spaces for gear and accessories.

Cargo space is abundant. The rear seats can fold completely out or fold up into an open cargo floor to create a flat cargo floor suitable for everything from surfboards and bicycles to two sleeping adults. Plus, its urethane-coated floor is beer and Taco Bell proof, meaning it can handle spills without falling victim.

Visit Vandergriff Honda now and test drive a 2012 Element to experience how easy it is to pack for an exciting weekend camping trip! Our friendly sales staff is more than willing to assist in finding you a vehicle suitable for your lifestyle needs.

Chevy Blazer

Chevy designed the Blazer with sporty DNA to make driving it an exciting experience. All-wheel drive options can also improve traction when driving on slippery pavement or trails.

The 2023 Blazer is a midsize SUV competing against Ford Edge, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Honda Passport for sales. It boasts a roomy cabin that seats five comfortably while providing plenty of cargo space – the front seat boasts 41 inches of legroom while its rear counterpart provides 39.6 inches similar to other small and compact SUVs.

The sloping roofline limits rear headroom for taller passengers. However, front seats offer excellent comfort with wide range of driver seat adjustments to suit most drivers – this includes 8-way power-adjustable driver seat adjustment as standard as well as heated steering wheel and dual zone climate control as standard features.

Nissan Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is an impressively family-friendly SUV at an incredible value, offering plentiful storage solutions, user-friendly technology and seating for up to seven people in its spacious cabin. Furthermore, its ride quality exceeds expectation thanks to 20-inch wheels and firm suspension springs with firm responses for smaller bumps while smoothing over larger undulations with ease.

The 2023 Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition makes an ideal camper vehicle with its 2.8-inch higher ground clearance, rugged suspension, beadlock-look 18-inch wheels with Toyo Open Country all-terrain tires, matte black body cladding and tubular roof rack that is capable of supporting tents. In addition, Intelligent 4×4 with seven drive/terrain management settings provides plenty of off-road capability with its maximum 6,000-pound towing capacity and towing capacity.

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