Adventure Vacation Ideas for Thrill-Seekers

Adventure Vacation Ideas for Thrill-Seekers

Whether on top of the world’s highest mountain, or in the depths of its lowest ocean floor, the travel adventure is guaranteed to give the blood-thirsty adrenalin junkie their fill.

There are so many adventure activities to do in Alaska, like cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, and sandboarding and Bungee jumping too! And in Queenstown there are high-octane adventures, like Bungee jumping or white-water rafting!


Adventure beckons across Canada’s pristine, rarely navigated mountains and lakes. You can helicopter over waterfalls at Tumbler Ridge’s UNESCO Global Geopark, or raft a rapids-barrelling whitewater run. Somewhere in Canada, you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

Get your adrenaline from the Great Canadian Bungee swinging over a spring-fed lagoon or with sea kayak tours on Lake Superior from Naturally Superior Adventures north of Wawa.

Sudbury’s plentiful singletrack trails are a hit with bikers Of course, singletrack enthusiasts are in heaven here. How about parasailing over Lake Ontario without getting wet? Parasail Toronto offers 20-minute flights from their stands on the Toronto waterfront.


With its huge range of water sports, land activities and winter sports, Australia is a great place to head if you want to have some truly exhilarating experiences – not to mention awesome scenery and experiences that are likely to stay with you for many years to come.

From aquatic sexcapades with the wildlife to wandering the otherworldly landscape of Australia, you won’t find adrenaline any more pure than downunder.

Queenstown is the nirvana for those who seek their pleasures through adventure: bungee-jumping over the Kawarau Bridge; hiking the gorge down through the West Coast rainforest in Tasmania, ending up at the mountains peak of Mount Ossa; scuba diving with hammerhead sharks off the Great Barrier Reef.

New Zealand

Anyone familiar with New Zealand will know that the country is famous on the world stage as a treasure trove of adrenalin-fuelled adventure sports, and places where fans of heart-racing, red-blood-ricketing activities can find plenty to do: from bungy-jumping and white-water kayaking; to zip-lining; to….

Zipliners who like the idea of zooming through geysers and over hot springs are in for a treat in Rotorua. The town is famous for its geothermal hot springs and geysers.

Do you fancy the idea of taking a helicopter ride along Fox Glacier? Well, now you can!


Iceland is a place where you can never get bored: wander over glaciers on foot, ride a horse through lava fields or even go white water rafting. The Arctic wilderness has it all waiting for you!

With dramatic fissures ripped through the land and erupting geysers, the island of Iceland provides all the geothermal adventure one could wish for, too. Dive into the magma chamber of the Thrihnjukagigur volcano at Thingvellir National Park, in southwest Iceland, or visit Geysir in southern Iceland, where erupting geysers can be seen all year round. Skydiving in Iceland can offer freefall up to 14,000 feet and breathtaking panoramic views.

South Africa

Africa has figured at the top of the travelling wishlist for years, thanks to its unique wildlife encounters and scenic safaris, but there’s more to this fierce land of contrasts – South Africa is brimming with adrenalin-filled exploits to get your pulse racing!

Take a deep breath and make the most of the Hottetotts Holland mountains by zip-lining between cliffs, watching eagles soar overhead as you take in the panorama of fynbos-covered cliffs, and test your nerves.


The jungles of Belize have proven to be a remarkable site for upper-middle-class adventurers, who also go inner-tubing down rivers through an endless string of gigantic underground caves, festooned with Mayan pottery and stalactite after stalactite.

Swim through a marine reserve teeming with exotic fish or hike rainforests to spot jaguars or howler monkeys. Visit a bird and mammal sanctuary or rappel down a waterfall into tropical exotic wilderness.

Make time for exploration in this lively nation where English is spoken!


In Guatemala you can experience all sorts of adventures with a keen mind as well: rock climb cliffs of nature – explore rivers in the caves of Lanquin and Kanba; head to Lake Atitlan; kayak around it viewing down across its three volcanoes as Indian Nose mountain.

Hike Pacaya volcano for its stunning summit; roast marshmallows over its lava flows; soar above it paragliding or skydiving; or let children get adventurous with a home stay in San Juan La Laguna.


If you are looking for an overseas adrenalin fix, you can hardly do better than Indonesia. Climb the volcanic peak of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani and look down in wonder at rolling heathland as far as the eye can see. Surf the prodigious waves around Bali’s legendary south coast.

Central Java has several UNESCO temples – not only Borobudur but also Ijen and Bromo volcanoes, which provide magnificent vistas – while on Borneo/Kalimantan steamy jungles, rainforests and islands beckon, and in Sulawesi one is met with some interesting cultural traditions.

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