How to Keep Snakes and Bugs Away From Your Campsite

How to Keep Snakes and Bugs Away From Your Campsite

If you are planning to stay at a campground, you should be aware of the possible ways to keep snakes and bugs from your campsite. First, avoid leaving food outside of your tent. This will attract various prey animals such as snakes, and you don’t want to encourage these creatures to find your campsite. Also, keep trash and food preparation away from your campsite. You can also make sure to clean your utensils after each meal to avoid attracting snakes and bugs.

One of the best ways to keep snakes and bugs away from your campsite is to make sure that your camping area is well-lit. If you plan to camp near a body of water, setting up camp a few feet away from the edge is a good idea. This will discourage snakes and keep rodents from making your campsite their home. Snakes also like the smell of human waste.

It is best to camp at a campsite that is snake-free. There are only two states in the USA that don’t have snakes as residents, and these are the Olympic and Acadia National Parks. It is best to avoid camping in such places because of the risk of snake bites. Snake bites can also be fatal. In addition, many campers also report feeling threatened and uncomfortable when they see a snake.

Another way to keep snakes and bugs away from your campsite is to keep leftover food in a sealed container. Exposed food attracts insects and rodents, so keeping food leftovers out of sight is key. Another good way to keep snakes and bugs away from your campsite is by having a campfire. A campfire will provide both warmth and smoke, which will ward off any snakes in the area.

After you’ve set up your camp, make sure you secure all your camping equipment. This includes tent zips and picnic blankets. Snakes like to hide in these places. If you find a crack or a hole in your tent, you should close it immediately. If a snake does sneak into your camp, it will move in there in no time. It’s best to have a repair kit nearby when you leave your campsite.

Keeping your campsite clean is also an excellent way to keep snakes away. A cluttered campsite is a perfect spot for these critters. A small camp tent can be especially dangerous because it can be a great hideout for snakes. Stack firewood in the tent and place camp chairs away when not in use. Moreover, pack your gear into backpacks when you are not using them.

If you do encounter a snake, you should try to avoid making unnecessary noise in the campsite. Make sure to avoid chatting, playing the guitar, and playing games around the campfire. Using your ears and eyes to detect any signs of danger will make it much easier to avoid encounters with snakes. Using biodegradable soap on your hands is also recommended. However, snakes do not like to be disturbed. Therefore, if you can’t see the snake, use the V-shaped stick to gently coax it away.

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