Poconos Resorts Offer Splendid Honeymoons and Romantic Vacations

Poconos Resorts Offer Splendid Honeymoons and Romantic Vacations

Poconos Resorts Offer Splendid Honeymoons and Romantic Vacations

Poconos Resorts and Accommodations are popular vacation spots. The rentals available range from luxury resorts to bed and breakfast establishments and can cater to a large number of couples who wish to have an enjoyable stay in a picturesque area. Vacation packages can also be availed for families, singles or business trips as these Poconos resorts and accommodations cater to different classifications of guests.

Poconos Resorts offer many accommodations, facilities and services for honeymoons, vacations, weddings and other special occasions. Some of the most popular Poconos Resorts are the La Posada Resort, Peridian Villas and Chateau Marmont. The La Posada Resort is perfect for those who wish to have an outdoor getaway; however it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is a private and sedate retreat that comes with its own spa and offers a romantic getaway in a natural setting.

The La Posada Resort has five bedroom and eight bathroom suites and features a beautiful pool and lush gardens. The spacious and airy villas are perfectly located and offer a great location for a honeymoon getaway with breathtaking views of the mountains. There are also Poconos mountain lodges that can be rented by couples and families. One can enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the lodges while enjoying the mountain views and fresh mountain air. Some of the best Poconos resorts are the Blue Heron Lodge, Caesars Resorts and the Ramblers Poconos Vacation Rentals.

There are many other Poconos resorts that provide luxurious amenities and services such as a spa, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, games room, game room and reception desks. For couples who want to have fun on their vacations, many poconos resorts have been known to offer all-out casino games and live exotic entertainment. The Poconos Mountains provide a wonderful setting for outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, biking and ATV riding. Many of the poconos resorts are surrounded by beautiful gardens and landscapes, which provide a perfect setting for entertaining family and friends.

The state parkways and forests provide a great venue for families to enjoy the natural beauty of the Penns Alps. The state parks are managed by the State Parks and Recreation Commission and are open to visitors all year round. One can visit the parks and take part in various activities such as bird watching, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, swimming and fishing. There are several interesting attractions in and around the parks including the Carousel Mountain and Sandcastle Mountain. The local hotels and restaurants around the poconos resorts provide facilities such as babysitting and kid care, hotels and restaurants with cable TV and Internet access and beauty shops.

For an affordable weekend getaway that is fun, scenic and convenient, Poconos Resorts are the best choice. Weekend getaways at the poconos consist of various activities such as hiking, horseback riding, boating and fishing, picnic, swimming, nature walks and much more. The accommodations in the poconos are comfortable, cozy and stylish and provide a great value for your money. The various activities provided by the Poconos Resorts make them ideal for weekend getaways and short vacation trips.

The Paradise Stream Resort is one of the most popular Poconos resorts and is located about thirty minutes north of New York City. The Paradise Stream Resort is perfect for couples looking for an intimate weekend getaway or even for families looking for an option for weekend getaways. The resort offers couples the opportunity to experience the wonderful sights of the Catskills Mountains and to indulge in activities like kayaking, snowmobiling and tubing, hiking and horseback riding. The resort also offers a number of activities for children, such as swimming classes, a kid-run pool, arts and crafts, horseback riding, and nature trails.

The Carousel Inn is another Poconos resort that is perfect for couples looking for romantic options. Located just ten miles from the city of New York City, the Carousel Inn is perfect for weekend getaways and romantic getaways for couples. The hotel features four different restaurants that offer cuisines from around the world, as well as a bar and lounge. The Carousel Inn is also perfect for honeymoons and wedding anniversaries, and is known as one of the most romantic spots in New York.

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