Get Free Fun at Wyndham Hotels

Get Free Fun at Wyndham Hotels

Get Free Fun at Wyndham Hotels

Travelodge (formerly TraveLodge} refers to many different hotel chains throughout the globe. Today operations now include: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Australia and Asia. But many of these are privately owned companies that have no tie with the main brand in other regions. The hotels and motels are owned by Travelodge and the car rental companies also have their shares. In some cases Travelodge has been absorbed by one or more of the above mentioned companies. This consolidated company now provides many options for the traveler at an affordable price.

A few years back, Travelodge was the largest independent hotel brand. At that time, there were only about ten hotels under its wing and it was dominating the entire travel industry. It started offering value hotel packages and low cost airline tickets. The airline was Continental Airlines. The customer was happy with Travelodge’s services and the airline was banking on it to continue making profits with the ongoing demand for low cost travel.

Today, Travelodge is a strong competitor to the other leading on-site hotel chain chains like Interval International, Comfort Inn Express, Best Western Motel and Travelodge. They are aggressively expanding their range of services, including low cost carriers and value hotel packages. Some of the benefits earner cards are available through Travelodge and they can be used at any of the locations in the travel package.

Travelodge is located in Downtown Disney, Florida. The company is also associated with several other local businesses including the Waffle House, the Plaza de las Americas and the Venetian Depot. A short walking distance from the Travelodge Downtown Disney Building is the Downtown Disney pedestrian bridge. On the corner of Wanda and Main Street is the Travelodge Marketplace, which is an outdoor retail and eating venue. The Downtown Disney area of the city is home to many other dining, entertainment, shopping and sports outlets.

When considering the amenities offered in Travelodge hotels, you will notice that they offer guest rooms with a combination of air conditioning/heating and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition to the air conditioning/heating facility, all rooms come with a flat screen television with premium cable channels and premium telephone services. There is also a health club and a heated swimming pool. In the Fitness Center, there is a steam room, a whirlpool, a steam shower and an indoor cycling massages, which offer the benefits of cardiovascular and mind body exercises.

For convenience, there are direct bus and limousine services to and from the airport, shuttle bus service and a free Wi-Fi access in your new room. In addition to offering a free high speed internet access in your room, Travelodge hotels have also integrated an in-room safe for personal use containing keys, cash and other valuables. Travelodge also offers you an in-house restaurant with continental, seafood and Italian menus. You can also choose to have your breakfast in your room, or you may choose to have it delivered to your room. In your room, you also have access to a flat screen television and a premium home sound system.

At Travelodge hotels, you are sure to find a variety of modern amenities. If you are looking for a quiet retreat where you can read a book by the fire or just enjoy some gentle strolls along the shore, you will definitely find it at a travelodge. Some of the modern amenities at travelodge hotels include a whirlpool, a Jacuzzi bath, and a fireplace. If you like to dance the night away, you can do so at any of the dance floors located throughout the hotel. If you need a little more company, you can easily book into one of the many guestrooms available at travelodge.

As if being pampered at a travelodge isn’t enough, don’t forget that you can also get some extra hotel discounts and even win exciting promotions at participating hotels when you book direct with Wyndham. To make your stay even better, register for the Wyndham Rewards program before you leave. The more points you have, the more savings you’ll receive. Remember, the more points that you have, the more savings you’ll receive!

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