Balancing Relaxation and Exploration on Your Getaways

Balancing Relaxation and Exploration on Your Getaways

Wellness tourism allows travelers to explore new destinations while actively improving their health and wellbeing. From spa services to hikes, this emerging trend aims to leave travelers feeling revitalized.

Hotels should focus on creating delightful wellbeing experiences as an important strategy to increase RevPAR and stay competitive in today’s hospitality marketplace. In order to do so, hotels need to understand what wellness tourists look for when traveling abroad.

1. Take a Yoga Class

Yoga classes on vacation are an ideal way to remain active while making the most of the changing scenery. Not only is yoga an incredible workout, it can also help reduce stress and form beautiful memories of your trip.

Yoga practice has the ability to reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone, while increasing production of feel-good hormones within your body. No matter which style of yoga you practice – be it sphinx, bridge, hip openers – you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever your vacation may bring!

Fitness travelers are increasingly drawn to areas offering hiking trails, healthy breakfast options and yoga studios; and food wellness tourists seek vegan/vegetarian hotspots and cooking classes. Major brands that promote healthy lifestyles such as Equinox, SoulCycle and Lululemon have noticed this trend and placed their products in popular destinations among wellness travelers.

2. Go on a Hike

Wellness tourism is an emerging travel trend that encompasses any activities planned during vacation to improve one’s physical or mental wellbeing. It differs from ecotourism by specifically targeting mental wellbeing while still contributing to conservation efforts as part of an ecotourism trip.

Fitness travelers tend to favor destinations where they can bike, hike, swim and surf; yoga tourists typically visit scenic hiking trails while those seeking mental wellbeing often visit meditation centers. Food wellness travellers might focus on local organic, vegan or vegetarian dining establishments.

Wellness travel experiences don’t have to be limited to retreats; many can also incorporate its elements into family or business trips. Dimon recommends consulting the Wellness Travel Advisor Directory of certified travel advisers that specialize in wellness travel for assistance.

3. Try a Massage

Many travelers enjoy treating themselves to a massage while on vacation; it can help enhance relaxation and reduce stress while providing your muscles a much-needed rest before embarking on hiking, surfing or other physical activities.

Massage can also provide relief from travel-related aches and pains, particularly after an extended flight or physical exertion-requiring outing. This effect is amplified when administered immediately following such events as taking place simultaneously with receiving massage treatment.

Be it a girl’s getaway, couples retreat or family vacation, the best wellness trips are those which take into account your overall health. Spending some time to plan ahead will ensure a harmonious balance of relaxation and discovery when returning home feeling rejuvenated rather than worn-down and exhausted.

4. Take a Cooking Class

Wellness travel refers to any trip designed to enhance an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. This trending travel trend attracts travelers of all ages worldwide. Whether staying at a designated wellness resort, or including healthful activities into vacation and business trips – wellness travel brings people of all ages together at exciting new destinations around the globe.

Travelers interested in wellness travel are drawn to traditional spa experiences like yoga classes, massages or hot springs; but many also want to experience local cuisine and culture to discover how they can incorporate healthier habits into everyday life. Food wellness tourists tend to gravitate toward restaurants offering vegan/vegetarian options or healthy whole grain foods; plus learning cooking skills they can use at home.

5. Visit a Local Market

Traveling on a wellness trip offers travelers a chance to learn about local markets, as well as learn about their cuisine and culture, which can have profound effects on mental wellbeing. Travelers looking for culinary experiences may also gravitate toward establishments offering vegan/vegetarian or organic menu items or offering cooking education classes.

Dimon suggests those planning a wellness-oriented getaway should first consider their “why,” in order to find an enjoyable experience. A good place to begin searching would be WTA’s directory of travel advisers who specialize in wellness travel in order to find high-quality options.


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