All Inclusive Resorts: What to Look For

All Inclusive Resorts: What to Look For

All Inclusive Resorts: What to Look For

There is frequently quite an air of discussion as to which all inclusive resorts offer the best deals. Many people mistakenly think that all inclusive means that the price includes everything, and that they will be paying for everything they do not plan to use. In short, this is often misinterpreted by vacationers to mean that all meals, drinks, and snacks are included in the price. The simple answer, however, is no. When all inclusive resorts are compared under the same umbrella, however, much of the inclusions will be very similar, although not all inclusive resorts are the exact same.

One thing that is common to all inclusive resorts, regardless of their actual name or tagline, is that they are almost always run on a for profit basis. Therefore, whether you pay for the resort or not, you will still be paying for food, beverage, and accommodations. The difference usually comes in when you are booking your vacation. Some all inclusive resorts include taxes in the base booking price, while others completely remove taxes from your total bill.

Another common practice is to include food, beverage, and snack choices in the price, and charge a higher per person rate for them. All inclusive resorts should offer you the basics like water, coffee, tea, and snacks. However, if you want a more personal or customized experience, you may need to pay extra for an extra meal or snack. Many people mistakenly believe that this allows them to better enjoy their vacation, and gives them more control over how much they spend or how much they can spend.

A popular option for people seeking an all-inclusive vacation is to pay extra for a private bar, restaurant, or lounge. Although you can sometimes find all inclusive vacation packages that include these options, be sure to read all of the details before booking your trip. Most places that charge extra for added services are trying to increase their bottom line, so they may include things that aren’t really necessary.

Many all-inclusive resort packages also offer a choice of la carte meals, versus more standard meal plans. Normally, these la carte meals are included as part of your total price, but be sure to read all of the details. If you don’t like the la carte options, it may be a good idea to pay extra and have separate dining arrangements. Again, keep in mind that many hotels charge extra for larger parties, especially if you plan on bringing additional people with you.

Another important factor to keep in mind is what activities are included in your vacation package. Most all inclusive resorts will include some kind of on-site activity guide, typically designed to help the younger guests on your all inclusive vacation. Amenities vary widely between resorts, so it’s a good idea to read what is included. Some include activities like a spa or hot tub, a pool, a casino, a special dinner, and so forth. Many include all three of these, in addition to on-site activities.

One last tip is to check to see if the resort offers family friendly resorts. Usually, you will find that there are a few all inclusive vacation spots that are family friendly. These spots tend to also be located right next to pristine beaches, which can be an even better incentive for families. These family friendly resorts tend to offer smaller prices than the all inclusive vacation spots, but they usually aren’t located near the beach. Keep this in mind when looking at what is available, and make sure the resort you choose offers these types of activities.

All inclusive vacation spots are ideal for couples, families, singles, and of course, couples looking to add a little fun to their vacation. Be sure to read all of the information for the resort, especially if you have children. You do not want to spend your time enjoying the nice weather, then having to cancel a trip because your kids get sick! Most of these spots will offer activities for all ages, including fitness centers, golf courses, tennis courts, and so forth.

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